Jaime Merritt leads an early childhood group session.

Harmony Garden Music Therapy Services offers a wide range of Music Therapy services, including:

Individual music therapy assessments and sessions

Adapted music lessons for individuals with special needs
* These lessons are altered to help our special learners.  Music can be color coded, enlarged, improvised, etc to help any individual learn the basics of an instrument
* Instruments offered: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Flute, Trumpet

Group music therapy sessions:
Harmony Garden Sprouts! – Ability centered groups for all children
Seedlings – ages 3mo-18mo
Sprouts – ages 18mo-4yrs

* Sprouts – Growing Hearts - Early childhood music therapy group for children with special needs
(ages birth-4yrs) and their parents

*Blossoms Sprouts - Inclusive music therapy group (ages 5-12yrs)

Music Jam for Confidence and Communication (ages 8-15yrs)

* Music Therapy Summer Camp for Teens and Adults with Special Needs

Drum, Dance and Jam – A Music Therapy Group for Teens and Adults with Special Needs - weekly music therapy group on Tuesdays

Drop-In Music Therapy Group for Teens and Adults - 2nd Thursday of each month 6:30-7:30pm

* Looking for a group that is not listed here?  Call and talk to us!  We would LOVE to create what you are looking for!

Contractual services (schools, hospitals, hospice, mental health, etc)

Consultation services for educators

School IEP consultation


Contact Jaime (Merritt) Lawrence for details. If you are looking for a group not listed, please contact Jaime!
We may be able to create what you are looking for!